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Support for getting the most out of your Livelogue experience.

Getting started

What is Livelogue?

Livelogue is an instant website builder to allow you to engage and monetize your audience the way you want - launch a store, run memberships, host classes, accept donations, manage earnings and more - in a beautifully branded website, easy to manage, and entirely owned by you.

What can I do with my livelogue?

Your livelogue allows you to sell, publish and promote anything you want to your audience. You can use your livelogue to build and run your business, to manage your community, to monetize your brand, or to launch a side hustle to make money online.

Who uses Livelogue?

Livelogue is loved by Youtubers, gamers, podcasters, professionists, entrepreneurs, artists, creators, community builders, and brands – whether they are getting started on their journey, or they are already established.

In other words, Livelogue is for anyone with an audience who seeks to monetize their content or skills online.

How do I get paid?

As soon as you earn something, payments are directly transferred to your Stripe account. Stripe offers instant payouts to your bank account. We do not hold your money and there is no minimum amount to get paid.

How do my audience pay me?

Your livelogue accepts all major debit and credit cards. We will be adding support for Google Pay and Apple Pay soon.

What does it cost to use Livelogue?

Livelogue is free to use. There are no monthly fees or subscriptions. We only take a 5% commission from what you earn, and never more than $25 per transaction. Standard card processing fees also apply.

Who owns my data?

You have complete ownership of your audience, customers, and data at all times. Everything you do on your livelogue belongs to you. You can access and export your data anytime from your dashboard.

Livelogue acts as a data hosting service to allow you to run your livelogue successfully and safely.

Your account

Change or forgot password

If you have trouble signing in, you can easily reset and set up a new password using your email address. Look for the "Sign In" button and click on "Forgot password".

If you are already signed in and want to change your password, go to your livelogue Settings, look for "Login Details" and enter a new password.

Change email address

Sign in your livelogue, go to your livelogue Settings, look for "Login Details" and enter a new email address. If it's a new email address, you will be asked to verify it.

Change livelogue URL

Sign in your livelogue, go to your livelogue Settings, look for "Your Livelogue" and enter a new livelogue URL.

Change currency

You can change your currency settings anytime prior publishing your livelogue. Go to your livelogue Settings, look for "Your Livelogue" and change your currency.

Note that after your livelogue has been published, you will no longer have the option to change your currency. The currency you choose is used to display prices and earnings on your livelogue.

Change interface language

At the moment, Livelogue is only available in English but we are working on adding more languages in the near future.

Use my own domain

You can connect your own domain to your livelogue. Go to your livelogue Settings, look for "Your Livelogue" and click on "custom domain".

Note that you can access the settings for this domain on the website you registered it on (for example, GoDaddy, Google Domains, Namecheap, etc).

Set up tracking analytics

You can setup your own tracking analytics using Google Analytics, Mixpanel, or your preferred analytics provider. Go to your livelogue Settings, look for "Tracking & Analytics" and paste the tracking code provided by your analytics provider.

How it works

Creating your livelogue

Creating your livelogue is simple. As soon as you sign up, your livelogue is ready for you. Now you can start working with modules, create and customize anything you want, design your look, and make it your own.

When your livelogue is ready to be visible, you have to publish it. Add a support email (where you can be contacted for customer support), confirm your preferred currency (used to display prices and earnings on your livelogue) and choose how your customers will pay you by connecting to Stripe. Note that modules that use payments won't be visible until you add a payment method.

Working with modules

You can create and add new modules anytime, edit and customize them, change their display options, reorder, hide and delete anything you want. Every module on your livelogue has a related module page that you can edit, set prices and discounts, view earning breakdowns, performance, stock levels, purchase numbers, customer data and more.

Modules are easy to create and manage. They are designed to offer all the tools you need to achieve your goals – whether you want to run a merch drop, raise funds to support a cause, host events, take fan requests, create discount codes, showcase your sponsors, or anything else.

Customizing your design

You can design the look of your livelogue with easy-to-use design tools to represent your brand and unique style the way you want.

The design page allows you to customize your livelogue design style, colors, background image and fonts. The bio page helps you to express your brand with a bio image and bio background, and the display page gives you the freedom to showcase your modules' display on homepage the way you like it, with call-to-action buttons, mini-descriptions, and other effects.

Sharing your livelogue

As soon as your livelogue is published and visible, you can share it with your audience through social media, messaging apps or whatever you want. A short URL is also available to make it easier to share.

Receiving payments

Setting up a payment method allows you to accept payments from your audience. You can connect your existing Stripe account or create a new one to start accepting payments when you publish your livelogue, or in your livelogue Settings "Payment Methods".

Managing orders

Your livelogue dashboard helps you to keep track of the status of your orders (pending, completed, refunded), to receive messages from your customers related to individual orders and to automatically generate invoices that you and your customers can download.

You can decide for each module whether you want it to mark new orders as pending (to be completed manually by you) or whether new orders will be automatically completed.

Payments & refunds

How do I connect Stripe to my livelogue?

Stripe is Livelogue's payment partner, which offers instant payouts to your bank account and enables more payment methods for your audience, including Apple Pay and Google Pay.

If you already have a Stripe account, go to your livelogue Settings, look for "Payment Methods" and Add Stripe account. Enter your Stripe account details and it will automatically connect to your livelogue.

If you don't have a Stripe account, you have to create a new one. Go to your livelogue Settings, look for "Payment Methods" and Add Stripe account. Follow the steps to get started with Stripe and when your account is created, it will automatically connect to your livelogue. Note that Stripe may need to verify your new account and it may take a few hours.

Payment supported countries

This is the list of countries that you have to reside in to be eligible to accept payments using Stripe:

How do I issue a refund?

You can issue a refund through your Stripe account dashboard. Log in to your Stripe dashboard (, go to Payments and manage the payment you want to refund. Note that you can't issue refunds directly from your livelogue's dashboard, but you can mark an order as "refunded" to keep track of an order's status.

What are the transaction fees?

Livelogue is free to use. Livelogue takes a 5% commission from what you earn - only if you earn something and never more than $25 per transaction. Our payment partner Stripe's fees vary depending on your customers' location (anywhere between 1.5% - 3% per transaction - standard payment processing fees).

How are chargebacks handled?

If any chargebacks or payments disputes arise on your Stripe account, you are responsible for handling these directly through your Stripe dashboard.

Trust & safety

Is Livelogue safe to use?

We take security seriously to protect your data. We don't store credit card details on our servers. Payment processing is handled by Stripe. We run on the robust Amazon AWS infrastructure that is trusted by millions of businesses.

How do I report a bug or problem with my livelogue?

If you find a bug or a problem affecting your user experience, please contact our support team on .

How do I report a violation?

Our Acceptable Use policy lists activities that aren't allowed on our platforms, with the aim to create a better user experience for all creators and their audiences.

If you come across any content on a livelogue that violates this policy or that you think shouldn't be allowed, please contact our support team on .

Contact support

How do I contact support?

You can reach our customer support team by email at or via livechat. We'll do our best to answer your enquiry promptly.

Where can I give feedback?

We'd love to hear how you're using Livelogue and how we can make it better for you. Please join our Discord or email us on .