Our Mission

Get your instant website to sell or promote anything. Launch a store, run memberships and more – all under your own brand.

We believe that starting your creator business should be easier

In a world of instant everything, platforms like YouTube, TikTok and Instagram have enabled anyone to express their creativity, empowering individuals to reach millions of true fans.

As the web shifts from paid ads to creators acting as digital billboards, everyone has the opportunity to turn their passion into a business, to sell directly to consumers, and to build brands capable of competing against institutions.

And yet the biggest challenge remains – to build and run your business, grow your audience and manage your community – all while creating and doing what you love.

Enter Livelogue

Livelogue gives you the freedom to sell, publish and promote anything you want in minutes – launch a store, run memberships, host classes, accept donations, manage earnings and more – all with a beautiful, branded website that's easy to manage, and entirely owned by you.

You remain in control of your audience, your customers and your data with a simple yet powerful interface – your livelogue.

Who we are

We're a team of driven individuals, passionate about the creator economy, and with vast experience in building tech startups.

We came together in 2021 with the goal of simplifying how creators and brands monetize their audiences – to make it more accessible to anyone who has creative passions and dreams regardless where they are on their journey.

Our values

We value simplicity, authenticity, and dreaming big. Our culture is built on a creator-first approach that pushes boundaries to find elegant solutions to solve everyday challenges.

We genuinely believe that we are on a journey to shape the future of the creator economy - and we can't wait to write the next chapter together with you.


Tom Dibaja

Alessio Mattera

Semir Sakanovic

We have offices in London, Dubai and Sarajevo – and creators and contributors across the world.